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Lowered, Classic, and Performance Cars

Lowered, Classic, and Performance Cars

The Company uses new, highly specialized state-of-the-art equipment designed an for Exotic Automobiles, Show Cars, European Sports Cars, Antique Vehicles, Classic Automobiles, Muscle Cars, Vintage, Rare and all Collectible Automobiles.

Right Approach and LCD Flat Bed System

Galaxy utilizes Century’s Right Approach Flat Bed System
Combined with a LCG (Low Center of Gravity) body, which sits much lower than standard flatbed tow trucks. This unique and innovative system allows the operator to lower the approach angle of the flat bed to as little as a six degree incline which allows us to load vehicles with extremely low ground clearance without damaging the bumper, valance, or exhaust.

Soft Strap Tie-Down System

To further ensure damage-free towing we can employ a soft nylon tie-down system with no hooks or chains to pull, bend, or scratch the vehicle during the towing process.

Sliding Winching System

For European Vehicles, Galaxy utilizes the SlideWinder winch system, which provides a better means of straight-pulling a disabled vehicle or object onto a carrier that is left or right of the deck centerline. This feature is ideal for loading European vehicles that are equipped with a screw-in eyehook attachment on one side of the vehicle.

Extra-wide flat bed

Galaxy’s rollback has a 102-inch bed, which enables for towing of dual wheeled and extra wide vehicles.